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The Wood Floor Renewal Experts

Have your wood floors lost their shine?  Do you have surface scratches or wear in high traffic areas? If so, DON’T SAND your floors, save money by RENEWING your wood floors with our sandless process!

A Fraction of the Cost of Sanding!

New Life Floors can restore the beauty of your wood floors in just hours, simply and with no messy clean up! Our sandless process provides you with the most affordable method of renewing most types of wood floors.

Homeowners and businesses can have the job completed in less than one day with no DUST or lingering odor. Save your money and your time, let us rescue your wood floors today!

Our proprietary process is more
affordable than new flooring installation.!

We will have your flooring
refinished and looking beautiful within hours.

Faster and Simpler than Sanding!
No Dust, No Odor, No Leaving Your Home!

New Life Floors