Counter Tops, Bar Tops and Table Tops

Substrates that can be resurfaced:
  Butcher Block
  Reclaimed Wood
  Plywood or MDF/MDX
  All types of metal
  Virtually any other surface!

Heat resistant up to 500F degrees (260C), five times stronger than concrete, and shock resistant, meaning you can drop something heavy on the surface and it will not break.

Highest UV resistance in the industry; will never fade or yellow from the sun, and is perfect indoors in sunny areas or outdoors on bars, tables and other surfaces.

Rock hard, seamless and non-porous surfaces will not attract bacteria, yeast, fungi or other microorganisms, and are more resistant to staining, easier to clean and great to cook and eat on.

Endless design and color choices for the same price. Match your home's interior with many different color combinations. Create any natural or unnatural stone pattern.

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New Life Floors

Looking for a high end coating that is an alternative to granite or tile?  Our resurfacing system is a modern way to receive a one of a kind counter top, table top or bar top.

You will not need to worry about a messy or time consuming installation process. Our trained professionals will be able to get you the perfect countertop or bartop in as little as a day.‚Äč

Seamless, rock hard and non-porous, which eliminates staining and there is no need to reseal like natural stone

No unsanitary joints or grout lines that attract bacteria, yeast, fungi or other microorganisms

Highest UV-resistance in the industry, safe for both Indoor and Outdoor applications

Heat resistant to 500F (260C), more than twice as hot as boiling water!

Thickness of 100 mils or more, creating an extreme 3D effect

More than fifteen times thicker than most epoxies on the market

Quick application, ready to use in as little as 36 hours and 100% odor-free